Campaign Committee

Our Moment to Lead, A Campaign for Perkiomen School is made possible thanks to the commitment of our Campaign Committee, which includes Perkiomen Board members, alumni, parents, and faculty. These visionaries have given generously— supporting the campaign financially, serving as valuable partners with the school during the campaign, and sharing their practical experience and diverse expertise with the Perkiomen community.

Mark A. Devey P ’21, ’24
Head of School
Karlee A. Fain ’00
Committee Co-Chair and Board Member
Philip A. Lloyd, II ’65
Committee Co-Chair and Board Member
Karl A. Welsh
Director of Development
Kendall Baker P ’86, ’91
Head Coach of Varsity Baseball
Dagny M. Barone ’14
Marcia Moll Barone ’78, P ’14, ’17
Advisory Member and Board Member
Kara Dellinger P ’23, ’25
Mark Dellinger P ’23, ’25
Carol Dougherty P '11, '13
Associate Head of School
Stephanie Falcone ’16
Stephanie Falcone ’16
James Finnegan P ’16, ’18
Board Chair
Seamus Finnegan ’18
Howard J. Forman ’66
Board Member
Michael Gulati P ’25
Michael Gulati P ’25
Mike Kruger
Director of Athletics and Director of Lacrosse Operations
Hyunjoon Park ’07
Franciscus Preidel ’83
James Ratigan Jr.
James Ratigan Jr. P ’17
Board Member
Richard Ridall
Richard Ridall '84, P '16
Douglas Woolley P ’21
Liz Woolley P ’21
Liz Woolley P ’21