Campaign Priorities

Expanding the Arts

Amplify the arts and add critical capacity to Perkiomen’s creative curriculum and programs

The arts are everywhere in our lives and Perkiomen wants to elevate the music, theater, and visual arts, to give them a greater presence on our campus. By expanding the physical homes of the arts to inviting places that are meant to be seen, these new spaces will propel the visual arts into the forefront of Perkiomen’s daily campus culture and provide resources commensurate to our strength of programs, faculty, and student talent.
2023 Winter Musical: Beauty and the Beast
2023 Fall Play: Puffs – or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic

Visual Arts

With the introduction of our Design Institute in Fall 2022, students can expand and evolve their unique artistic vision through exploration of the design process to maximize their creative potential. To grow this Institute, we must grow the physical spaces which house the visual arts.

The visual arts which are currently on the third floor of Kehs Hall will be relocated to an art studio with an accompanying art gallery in the new student center. Entirely new to Perkiomen’s facilities will be a design lab, digital media space, eGaming studio, and a prototyping room. With many rooms visible through glass panels in this central location, all students who make their way through the building daily will be exposed to the arts. We hope that when students are in these spaces, they will be fascinated by the arts and will want to dive into the art-making process.

Performing Arts

The enhancement of performance spaces in Kehs Hall will amplify the arts and add critical capacity to Perkiomen’s creative curriculum and programs, while fostering complementary performance and practice opportunities in the Student Center. The space that is currently the Robbie’s school store will become a chorus and band ensemble room with three adjoining music practice rooms. In the student center, there will be two individual practice rooms as well as a group practice room for students to hold jam sessions. Students may also bring musical performances out into the atrium of the student center for indoor concert events.

A new outdoor performance venue, Finnegan’s on the Green will be located just outside Kehs Hall, facing the heart of campus. While primarily intended for student concerts, the space may also be used for improv shows, dance performances, standup comedy, and open mic nights.

“As we move forward, I am very excited to see the arts increasingly become a visual and distinguishing characteristic within the life of the school. I know the new Student Center will help give our talented students the chance to display their artistic prowess to their peers on a regular basis and beautify our spaces. And by giving the arts a greater presence on this campus, this will encourage others to take risks and try something new that will expand their uniqueness.”

Louisy Roest, Arts Faculty

“To be able to have a live performance area and give these students a lot more chances to perform live, I think that’s really going to help these kids excel in the performing arts.”

Wes Johnson ’17, Berklee College of Music ’21

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We invite you to join us in embracing this historic opportunity to transform Perkiomen and, by extension, to enrich the lives of many more student through your generous support.