Campaign Priorities

Endowment & Annual Fund

Impact student experiences now and for future generations

In the duration of the campaign, growth to the Perkiomen Fund and endowment will represent more than $11.5 million, or nearly 26% of the total contributed to Our Moment to Lead’s $45 million goal.

Annual Fund

Boosting the Perkiomen Fund by an additional $4.5 million supports evolving curricula, programs, and facilities; fulfill our mission more widely and effectively; and empower more students to risk becoming their best.


Growing our endowment by $3.5 million will secure Perkiomen’s future by bringing this extraordinary education within the reach of more deserving students; recruiting and retaining more top-notch faculty members and supporting their constant growth through professional development; spurring curricular innovation and evolving programs; maintaining and upgrading facilities; renewing equipment, technology, and uniforms; and enabling Perkiomen leaders to be nimble in their decision-making and to capitalize on opportunities.

Your investment in Perkiomen empower students like me because it shows that people believe in us. In knowing that someone else believes in us, we can’t help but believe in ourselves as well. It shows how much that whole community cares, not just about tangible things like buildings and classroom supplies, but also opportunities for student life and relationships to thrive.

Naomi Knight ‘21

Support Our Moment to Lead

We invite you to join us in embracing this historic opportunity to transform Perkiomen and, by extension, to enrich the lives of many more student through your generous support.