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New Athletic Facilities

Raise the profile of both boys and girls athletic teams

Within the last half-decade, educational institutions have experienced a national shift in the way student athletes approach their educational experiences. For generations, independent schools like Perkiomen have prided ourselves on attracting students who are ready for the next level of academics at universities, and likewise, student athletes are now seeking out independent schools to prepare them for the next level of NCAA competition. Always unafraid to break new ground and evolve, we at Perkiomen have adapted to meet our students’ needs in this ever-evolving landscape.
College Athletics Signing Day (Fall 2023)

At Perkiomen, you can find the perfect blend between robust academics and strong athletics. Whether you are an elite athlete seeking a challenging learning environment, a theater kid wanting to lead on the lacrosse field, or an academic pushing towards a personal record on the cross country course, Perkiomen athletics empowers our students to uncover who they are meant to be within our 33 teams spanning national, varsity, junior varsity, and middle school sports.

To give our students the opportunity to become their best in the athletic arena, we must invest to provide them the best resources for practice and competitive play. Over the past five years, Perkiomen has hired top-notch coaches who have played on and coached university teams, and in turn, we are building facilities to match this level of expectation and competition.

The new outdoor athletic facilities will include an all-weather track and turf field, three grass fields, a softball/baseball infield practice space, spectator seating, and support buildings for storage, restrooms, and team areas. The track & field facility will include a running track and straight-away as well as pole vault, high jump, discus, shot put, and javelin areas.

These new facilities will put Perkiomen School on the map as having programs that are on par with other educational institutions, both secondary and university.

OMTL will introduce state-of-the-art practice and playing facilities build key relationships with coaches and teammates, develop lifelong wellness habits, and empower them to reach their own goals at Perkiomen and beyond.

“Even though I will have graduated by the time they build the new athletic facilities, I’m excited to see the track and cross country programs grow. It’ll be great to have a true track so students can practice with their spikes and get more accurate times, plus more runners like myself will want to come to Perkiomen. Once we have better equipment and grow greater interest in the running programs, our teams will be able to advance to more competitive leagues and get a better feel of the competition they will see in college.”

Ocean Mayer ’23, Cross Country, Track and Field

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We invite you to join us in embracing this historic opportunity to transform Perkiomen and, by extension, to enrich the lives of many more student through your generous support.