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Student Center

Create a transparent, beckoning hub of social, academic, and residential life

Perkiomen’s current social hangout, café, and bookstore, Roberts Hall, known to our community as “Robbie’s,” was added in 1958, a time where Perkiomen served a population of less than 150 boys. More than 60 years later, it is time for this well-used space to accommodate the needs of today’s student body – technologically attuned, more diverse, and twice as large as Robbie’s intended to serve.
The student center will house classroom, lab, and prototyping spaces for the Perkiomen Institutes
The student center will include a prototyping lab
The student center will include an eGaming studio
The student center will include a design studio

Our vision for a reimagined student center is to establish it as the symbolic heart of our Perkiomen community, anchoring it as the physical heart of the campus. Integrating several student resources in a beautiful space, the new Student Center will promote engagement through a central, attractive, comfortable space rivaling any school. It will combine the practical and the aspirational.

Students will have a natural destination with one-stop convenience for many daily tasks such as academic and support offices, performance space, areas for both work and play, along with a café and bookstore. All the while, the Student Center will introduce fresh dynamics, encouraging new intersections of ideas and people and exposing our entire community to exciting, often unexpected opportunities.

Student Center Virtual Tour

“When students are together, that’s when great things happen. Relationships are formed and projects are designed which will allow them to forge friendships from around the world.”

Diana J. Gleeson P ’19, ’23, Assistant Head of School for External Affairs

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We invite you to join us in embracing this historic opportunity to transform Perkiomen and, by extension, to enrich the lives of many more student through your generous support.