Naming Opportunities

Lloyd’s Café – Student Center

Prominently-positioned on one side of the Student Center Atrium, Lloyd’s…

Design Institute

The Design Institute encompasses all of the visual arts, physical…

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Breakout Room (Atrium) – Student Center

Located on the second floor atrium of the new student…

Student Life Workroom

The Student Life Workroom is conveniently located on the ground…

Reception Area

The Reception Area will be a bright, inviting space to…

Stadium Brick Façade, Viewing Tower and Seating (East Campus)
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Gaga Court

Adjacent to the student center, a central feature of the…

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Meditation Room

Perkiomen School is committed to every student’s physical and mental…

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Art Gallery

Located on the second floor of the student center, the…

Firepit Pavilion

Located just outside the new student center, the fire pit…

Spectator Seating – Outdoor Athletic Complex

Located in the outdoor athletic complex on the West Campus,…

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Breakout Room (Institutes)

Located on the second floor of the new student center,…