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Entry Road & Arrival Circle

Make the best first impression on all visitors and support safety

Arrival Circle
Cultural Festival 2022
Cultural Festival 2022

Leading from Schoolhouse Road, the new entryway, Ahlborn Way, will be a first contact point for all visitors to Perkiomen, including prospective students and their families, university admissions officers, and athletic competitors. For alumni returning to campus, this view will blend the familiar with the new and welcome them home to their old stomping grounds. Winding down the green landscapes, passing through the athletic fields, and ending at the student arrival circle, this scenic entryway will leave a lasting first impression of Perkiomen’s beautiful grounds and striking architecture for all who make their way to campus. Ahlborn Way will also pass through an additional parking lot for the outdoor athletic facilities, connecting to the center of campus.

In summer 2021, Perkiomen added an arrival circle directly connected to the Hollenbach Athletic Center, Hollenbach Middle School, and Schumo Academic Center, as well as the future Student Center and Outdoor Living Space. With day students in mind, this central location has become the preferred spot for school buses and families to drop off and receive students. Visible from various points on campus, community members benefit from the safety and convenience of this new arrival area. During non-peak hours, the arrival circle may be repurposed as a space to host events such as the Middle School Harvest Festival, the spring Cultural Festival, and other group gatherings.

“I am thrilled about our new entry off Schoolhouse Road. Visitors will arrive to Perkiomen greeted at Ahlborn Way by a stunning view of campus. Led towards the arrival circle and visitor parking, visitors will know they have arrived at their destination and be excited to uncover more.”

Abby Parish Moser, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

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